This Week's Review at Inklings

What to get the teen in your life to read this Summer!

Samwise McGinn and Anne Zastrow


It is hard to choose books for teens, but we are here to help! Below are some of our favorite Young Adult titles, both old and new, for the teen in your life.

- Fable and Namesake by Adrienne Young, Ages 12 and up (Wednesday Books - $18.99 each)

"Trader. Fighter. Survivor." That is the tagline for this duology and it describes it perfectly. Fable is the daughter of one of the most dangerous traders in the Narrows, the sea is all she knows. Abandoned by her father she needs to use her skills to somehow get back in a ship, find her father, and demand her rightful place by his side running his crew. Once she finds a trader willing to get her across the Narrows things get even more complicated. He is not all he seems and her father's enemies have all grown in number.

- Crave, Crush, Covet, and Court by Tracy Wolf, Ages 14 and up (Entangled Publishing - $19.99 each. Court releases 09/28/2021)

Crave is the new vampire book for teens. This series is 4 books long and the last one comes out at the end of the year. It is very reminiscent of the popular Twilight series but it has a little more humour. The chapter headers alone had me laughing: "Knock, Knock, Knocking on Death's Door" & "Turns Out the Devil Wears Gucci". Grace's life changed after her parents died in a car accident, she moves from hot California to be with a family she barely knows in frozen Alaska. The cold however is the least of her problems as her new school has some very 'different' students... 

- The Promised Neverland by Kaiu Shirai, Ages 14 and up (Manga, Viz Media - $9.99)

Manga was something I discovered through my niece a few years ago. I didn't think anything of it at the time but have grown to love its weird and funky stories with its beautiful graphics. There is something special about reading a book with pictures as an adult! The Promised Neverland is the story of a bunch of kids growing up together at an orphanage under the care of a woman they call "Mom". They have all they need. But kids are curious, and one day two of them discover the dark truth of the outside world they are forbidden from seeing. 

Asylum by Madeleine Roux (HarperCollins, $11.99)

If you are a fan of suspense and the history of insane asylums, you'll fall in love with this book. The main characters are a ragtag group of nerdy high schoolers, attending a summer camp that takes place at a college that renovated an old asylum as a dormitory. Strange things start occurring with students and faculty alike, causing our main character to look for answers in the closed off ward of the building. The answers they find change their understanding of themselves and what is really happening in this old building. 

I Wish You All The Best by Mason Deaver (Scholastic, $10.99)

Ben is a nonbinary teen, facing the hardest experience they have had to handle before. Their parents kicked them out, they had to start at a new school, and move in with their estranged sister. Learning to trust others with their identity and to allow themself to grieve the loss of their normalcy is the cornerstone of this book. They also slowly find themself falling in love with a boy who has the patience to let them heal and find who they really are.