This Week's Review - Dark Water Daughter by H.M. Long

Review by Jules Galgan

Dark Water Daughter” is a stunner for anyone who loves a good pirate adventure story. Think of it as “Pirates of the Caribbean” with a mystic flare.

The story follows two main characters: Mary, a stormsinger whose unique powers allow her to cause hurricanes and quiet the seas with her voice; and an ex-naval officer turned pirate, Samuel, who has the ability to travel through the spirit world. Both characters must face the evil pirate lord, Silvanus Lirr, as he pursues Mary with reasons unknown.

The character development in this book is exceptional. Mary and Samuel have heavy grief carried forward from their childhoods. Samuel faces a tumultuous relationship with his twin brother while Mary aches for the mother who was swept away from her too soon. As the story progresses, you are pulled into each character’s struggles and successes, constantly pushed to root for them as they both learn how best to wield their individual powers.

But it is not just the main characters that draw your attention in this one. Long has a beautiful way of creating varying characters, many morally gray, some absolutely and unabashedly evil, but all exquisitely crafted. This is a must-read for fantasy lovers and a perfect read for the coming winter.

“Dark Water Daughter” was full of atmospheric scenes with imagery of winter, snow, and cold raging seas. More than once it will make you shiver and pull your blanket closer around your shoulders. Make sure to have a hot cup of tea close by, because the hauntingly chilling atmosphere of the stormy seas will have you fighting a chill.

If you are looking for the perfect cold-weather read, “Dark Water Daughter” is the book for you.