Thursday Reviews at Inklings

Fall Bestsellers

It is hard to believe it is already December. At the same time, I am so very glad it is already December... I am sure I am not alone in that! And as such, it is time to look back at our fall bestseller list. I was really happy while putting this list together to see that 3 of our bestselling books this fall are from local authors. Here are the Inklings Bestsellers from September to date:

The Cascade Killer by Rob Phillips $16.75 LOCAL AUTHOR

A page-turning mystery set in the Yakima Valley! 

"Witty and realistic dialogue, familiar places that I can picture on almost every page, and even a little romance. I stayed up way too late to finish the story and trace the creepy villain along rivers and forest service roads after smelling a few red herrings. This is a good, solid story, told by a guy who knows bears, bad guys and biology."  -Susan Richmond

A Promised Land by Barack Obama $45

Barack Obama's highly anticipated memoir tells his life story from a young man to his presidency. It describes in detail his political education and his first term as president. 

Counting Up to Christmas by Jennifer Elwood $19.95 LOCAL AUTHOR

In this book, you will count up to Christmas by following Jesus through the Gospel of Luke and open a gift from Scripture each day. The illustrations inside are beautiful and the devotions really well put together.   

Miracle Creek Christmas by Krista Jensen $15.99 LOCAL AUTHOR

What better than a Hallmark style Christmas story this time of the year? Riley and Mark will make you laugh and tear up!  Miracle Creek is a great feel-good and heartfelt novel about a firefighter recovering from burns he sustained during work. He is struggling emotionally and physically. Riley makes him laugh and brings light back into his life! 

Rage by Bob Woodward $30

A report on Trump's Presidency. "Rage draws from hundreds of hours of interviews with firsthand witnesses, as well as participants’ notes, emails, diaries, calendars and confidential documents." -Provided by publisher.    

Eighty Dollar Champion by Elizabeth Letts $17

"The Eighty-Dollar Champion tells the dramatic odyssey of a horse called Snowman, saved from the slaughterhouse by a young Dutch farmer named Harry. Together, Harry and Snowman went on to become America's show-jumping champions, winning first prize in Madison Square Garden. Set in the mid- to late-1950s, this book captures the can-do spirit of a Cold War immigrant who believed--and triumphed"-Provided by publisher.    

The Deep End by Jeff Kinney $14.99

We don't often have a kid's book up in the list, another nice surprise while putting this together. The Deep End is the 15th book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. An all time favorite with middle graders. 

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy $22.99

"From British illustrator, artist, and author Charlie Mackesy comes a journey for all ages that explores life's universal lessons, featuring 100 color and black-and-white drawings.  

Charlie Mackesy offers inspiration and hope in uncertain times in this beautiful book, following the tale of a curious boy, a greedy mole, a wary fox and a wise horse who find themselves together in sometimes difficult terrain, sharing their greatest fears and biggest discoveries about vulnerability, kindness, hope, friendship and love. The shared adventures and important conversations between the four friends are full of life lessons that have connected with readers of all ages." -Provided by publisher. 

Douglas Fir by Stephen Arno $21.95

"I was unprepared for how many new and interesting facts I was about to learn about this conifer. The authors start with the general history of the tree, from its first written descriptions from naturalists in 1791 to its finally-settled-on scientific name in 1950. The book focuses on both the inland and coastal varieties of the tree, which can reach heights of 300 feet."  - Rachel Fowler