Thursday Reviews at Inklings CIRCE eBook: Miller, Madeline: Kindle Store'Circe' - an epic retelling of a goddess' story

Reiview by Emma Pietsch

Age-old Greek characters come to life in Madeline Miller’s bestselling “Circe.” The story’s heroine, Circe, faces numerous struggles while discovering who she is and the power she holds.

Surrounded by a family of powerful immortals, Circe shrinks away in the shadows of her father’s great halls until it comes to light that she is a skilled witch. Afraid of her powers, Circe gets cast out of her father’s world and is exiled to live alone on an island. She soon faces many evils and eventually brings the wrath of a vengeful god upon her.

“Circe” brings to light the many faults of man, but also shows that in discovering yourself there are many joys and beautiful moments to experience. Circe is a courageous character who falls in love and experiences emotions we all know only too well, including fear, loss and hope. Miller does an excellent job making the reader feel Circe’s heartbreaks and joys as she faces the world.

“Circe,” he says, “it will be all right.”

“It is not the saying of an oracle or a prophet. He does not mean that it does not hurt. He does not mean that we are not frightened. Only that: We are here. This is what it means to swim in the tide, to walk the earth and feel it touch your feet. This is what it means to be alive.”

— Madeline Miller

Even though Circe isn’t human, the author uses her experiences to effectively communicate what it means to be human.

I’ve always loved mythology and the rich history that it brings. It ties together the mythical world and the real world. Epic myths tell tales of great love and loss where heroes prove time after time that humans are worth fighting for. Miller has rightfully earned her place in the skillfully woven tapestry of great authors retelling the classics.