Santana's Book Drive


Santana's 1st Grade Book Drive was organized by the family of Santana Mora, who unexpectedly passed away from a medical condition in 2012 at just 4 1/2 months old.  The Drive is in honor and celebration of Santana's 6th birthday, which is on August 26th, 2017. 

Since Santana would be entering the 1st grade and the primary focus for 1st graders is learning how to read, Santana’s family has partnered with Inklings Bookshop and the Yakima School District to coordinate the Drive.  Four age appropriate bilingual books have been selected by the YSD and are being offered through Inklings at a reduced price of just $4.00 per book.  The goal is for every 1st grader in the Yakima School District to choose their very own book!
Last year, Santana's family organized a School Supply Drive to celebrate his 5thBirthday and the start of Kindergarten.  Over 400 backpacks filled with supplies were donated to help kids in the Yakima School District. The Drive was such a success that it was decided to continue honoring Santana's memory by helping other kids.

Your $4 donation will put 1 book in the hands of 1 Yakima School District 1st Grader!

Price: $4.00