Review: Spring Meditation by Kevin Miller

Review by Sue Domis

Kevin Miller is a Tacoma Wa., poet. He taught in Washing State public schools for 39 years. He has appeared in numerous poetry publications.  Spring Meditation is his sixth volume  of poetry. He was a Fulbright Exchange teacher in Denmark.  Miller is well known among the Yakima area poets and has many close friends in Yakima.

Miller was scheduled to give a reading at Inklings Bookshop in 2020 just as the pandemic lockdown happened. So, a lot of us missed out on knowing about the collection, Vanish, published by Aegus Press.  Vanish is a poetry collection of poems covering subjects like family, marriage, children.and our past. The poems are about our personal history, and what has vanished.

Now, two years later,  Miller's latest collection, Spring Meditations, has been published.  Miller will have an overdue poetry reading at Inklings Bookshop on  Saturday, May 21, at 1:00.  He'll be reading from  Spring Meditation, which is a collection of baseball poems.  MoonPath Press approached Miller with the suggestion that they publish a poetry volume of his baseball poems that were part of his previous collections.

If you enjoy fine poetry, and, or, if you like baseball, then you will enjoy Miller's latest book.  Miller's poems are about his life as a young catcher on school teams and  on local baseball leagues.There are poems about playing with his father, other family members, and playing with his friends. There are poems about famous players from the past.  The Mariners and their players are mentioned in a few of the poems.  I think there is much for fans to enjoy.  I was asked personally, which was my favorite poem in the book.  I'm not sure, can I pick ten?

 Come to enjoy a special afternoon at Inklings on  Saturday, May 21, at 1:00 for Kevin Miller's reading.