Then There Was You

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By S.M. Stryker

Liam has been so many people he can hardly remember who he really is. Having to walk away from the woman he loved to keep her safe, he wonders if he will ever be able to have a normal life. With the trial starting in a couple weeks, all he can wish for is to put his demons and secrets in the past.

When Finn’s Gram gets sick, she comes home to care for the woman that raised her as her own. But, when her Grams dies, she says goodbye to the only home she has ever felt safe in, but with a new job on the West Coast waiting for her, she packs the few things she has in Rose Red, her beloved car her Grams gave to her and says goodbye to her past ghosts. She just had to do one last thing before she left… Another blind date. ARG.

When Finn mistakes Liam for her blind date, her BFF Marley fixed her up on, she realizes her friend finally got this one right. With his dark shaggy hair, crooked smile, and his imperfect perfect teeth, he was beyond beautiful, but she was leaving town in the morning and she doesn’t do one-night stands. Although, for him, she might reconsider.

As Finn walked into the restaurant, Liam couldn’t take his eyes off her, and when she suddenly sat down in front of him he couldn’t believe his luck. They laughed and talked as if they had always known each other, but, when her phone rang, it all comes crashing down, literally.

Liam couldn’t get the mysterious woman out of his head. He knew he could never be with her, he’s leaving to testify in the morning, and God only knows if he will make it back alive.

Finding out that the man in front of her wasn’t her blind date, Finn started to question her state of mind. She really liked Tom, hell, he wasn’t Tom, he was an imposter. Why didn’t he tell her he wasn’t her date? She should have known better than to think Marley would set her up with someone like him. He was perfect. Can life get any worse? As she had sat there with the blind date imposter, it was the first time in a long time, she felt safe, unafraid, and normal. 

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