The Rancher’s Surprise Second Chance, Apple Valley Ranchers Series

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By Dalyn Weller

Book 1 

Eight years ago, Cody McClure came home from the summer rodeo circuit with a pregnant wife even though he’d promised to marry his high school sweetheart. Now he’s the single father of a special needs son in desperate need of a nanny while he runs his family's ranch.

Molly Halverson left Apple Valley with a broken heart and a secret. Now she’s back, a single mom in need of a job. But the only job available in her small hometown is for the man who trampled her heart and has no idea he fathered her child.

Molly needs a job. Cody needs a nanny. Their children just became best friends. Will Cody and Molly forgive each other and figure out a way to make a patched-up family despite mistakes and betrayal?

Visit Apple Valley, Washington, a town that has existed on handshakes and good morals for generations.

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