Pretty Boy

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by K.C. Kassidy

All American Boy Series

A Small Town MM Romance

It’s true what they say. Possessing a pretty face has its perks, especially one I’ve relied on since I began modeling at seventeen. It’s paid for my college education and sent me around the world – all without taking a single dime from dad.
But it never got me what I truly wanted: his approval.
That’s the reason I’m in Stoney Brook, Maine.
To make a difference and prove to my dad I’ve changed.
What I don’t expect in this lobster fishing town is to catch feelings for a certain lobsterman. But Mason Proctor reeled me in, hook, line, and sinker.

I’m a homebody whose twenties are passing me by.
Something I hadn’t realized until I met Finn Caldwell, the pretty boy who breezed into town and hooked me with his smile. I want to be more like him; daring and fun.
The problem is my dad’s lobster business keeps me anchored down in a job, a town, and a future I don’t want.
I’ve played the role of good and loyal son long enough. I need to break free and live life on my own terms. But I don't have it in me to cut ties and tell my parents the truth.
Finn and I may be different, but we both have something to prove. He needs to prove his worthiness to his father.
I only need to prove my bravery to one man.

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