Hidden Bride: 7 Brides for 7 Bears

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by Moxie North

When lies keep you alive... 


It’s been a difficult and dangerous life for Nadia Smith. It was never easy or fair nor did she expect it to be. She did everything in her power to keep herself and her family safe. If that meant lying to the only people in the world she trusted then she would keep them at arm’s length for everyone’s safety. No matter the cost or the loneliness she had to endure.  


A sniper and bear shifter, Luca of Clan Othala, was the go-to person when the difficult jobs had to be done. He was proud of his place in King Security International, but he still wanted what every Kindred shifter did, to find the mate destined for him. Being big and scary didn’t mean he wasn’t open to love.


Nadia and Luca were opposites that not only didn’t attract, but were the talk of KSI. Nadia was afraid of only one thing and that was Luca. Why the bossy human who could handle everyone else recoiled in fear every time Luca was near was a mystery.


When fate steps in and shows this unlikely pair what true love is, it won’t just be Nadia’s life that needs saving. The fate of Kindred kind stands in the balance. 


Hidden Bride a thrilling standalone romance set in the world of the Kindred with no cliffhanger and a guaranteed HEA!

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