Forbidden Bride: 7 Brides for 7 Bears

SKU: 9781070525433

by Moxie North

One big bad bear, one quiet wolf, and a family at odds puts two hearts on the line. Security Specialist Zion of Clan Kenaz takes his job seriously and doesn’t need any distractions. Priding himself on keeping a professional distance from his clients makes him a valuable asset at King Security. When an assignment takes a drastic turn, his normal inflexibility is challenged in a way he’s unprepared for and Zion and his bear must fight for their heartbound mate.Harlow of Clan Odal has been on a narrow path her entire life. Heartache and distance from her father led her to focus on survival in a world full of obligation. Being promised in marriage to another Clan breaks all Kindred traditions forcing Harlow to take a stand. Using the strength of her wolf to aid her, Harlow must find the courage to reach for the future she deserves.With outside forces pressuring them to think of the greater good, these mated Kindred fight against what others demand to find their happily ever after.Forbidden Bride is a thrilling standalone romance set in the world of the Kindred with no cliffhanger and an guaranteed HEA.

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