Criminal Prosecutor: the Flight from Yakima

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By V Kusske

The second book, a stand alone read, called Flight from Yakima, describes the search in the mid 1970’s for a rogue narcotics detective who escaped from the dragnet in the first book. Nicolas Cabot, former Army Special Forces soldier with a horrifying curriculum vitae of Vietnam war experiences and now a wanted, disgraced, narcotics detective is tracked to the Mexican Baja Peninsula by FBI Agent Marty Goodson and former foot patrolman Joe Creed. They elicit the help of Mexican Navy Captain Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Cabot’s former Mexican girlfriend, a retired tunnel rat soldier, named Snake, and a host of other fascinating characters who assist in locating and confronting the indicted former soldier-narcotics detective in events that are remembered on the entire Baja Peninsula as the night of destruction.

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