by Jessie Ulmer

Bewildered is Jessie Ulmer’s collection of Hansel & Gretel reimaginings. These prose and poetry pieces explore the different ways in which people experience, remember, and process trauma, and the different ways fairy tales themselves are retold and recycled. Starting with two erasures of Maria Tatar’s early translation of Hansel & Gretel, Ulmer illustrates how Hansel and Gretel interact with the witch, the woods, and each other. Bewildered is a little sad, a little funny, a little queer, a little gross, and (hopefully) a little magical.


Featuring a beautiful matte cover designed by Theo Young, this paperback contains 36 different pieces in a mix of prose and poetry that explore Hansel and Gretel's journeys into and out of the woods.


Content Notes: blood & gore, body horror, cannibalism, child abandonment. 




"As visceral and horrifying as it is lyrically gorgeous, Bewildered is a brutal, poetic journey through the underside of Hansel and Gretel that grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go until it’s done with you. This collection takes the knife of an already terrifying story and twists it."


— Hannah WhittenNew York Times & USA Today bestselling author of For the Wolf 


Price: $15.00