For Better or For Worse

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by S.M. Stryker

Forced to leave the only family she had. Sixteen-year-old, Natasha will be groomed to marry a man she doesn’t like, let alone love.

Alec Turner was my best friend and Natasha; Nat as we called her, his kid sister that followed us everywhere.

After a tragic accident left Alec and Natasha orphans, their aunt and uncle stole Nat away from us; cutting off all communication to her.

It wasn’t until another tragic death that I saw her again. She was beautiful, elegant, sophisticated and had the mouth of a trucker that I was dying to kiss.

I had never told Alec the feelings I had for Nat. She was only sixteen and I was two years older. Alec would have killed me and buried me in his backyard for even thinking, let alone mentioning, my attraction to her.

It’s been seven years since she was taken from us and Alec was just killed in Afghanistan, and the girl I fell in love with; the elegant, classy, prim and proper woman in the designer suit, Well, she’s slinging handfuls of mud at his casket.

Little did she know, Louis; her betrothed, followed her, and he would stop at nothing to get her back. He needed her. No, he needed her birthright to take his place in the family.

My name is Connor Nash, and this is my story of lost loves and the second chances.

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