Past & Present Yakima by Ellen Allmendinger

It is always fun learning the history of the town where you live and/or came from. Even better when you get to see through pictures how much that town has changed and how much of it has been preserved. That is what Ellen Almendinger brings to her readers with her newest book, Past & Present Yakima. A must see for lovers of Yakima history and/or history in general.

For those that don't know Ellen Allmendinger, she is a local writer passionate about our local history. Her books and walking tours have helped in keeping Yakima's history alive. She is the author of Murder & Mayhem in Central Washington, where she recounts the tales that once made this the roughtest region of the Pacific Northwest; and the author of Hidden History of Yakima, where she explores forgotten events, buildings, businesses, and the people that helped shape Yakima.

This coming Saturday, April 21st, Ellen Almendinger will be with us, at Inklings Bookshop, signing her books and talking to readers about her inspiration behind Past & Present Yakima and its eye-catching photographs. 

"Past & Present Yakima consists of comparative photos of downtown Yakima.  Each location contained within the book has a historic and a present-day photo along with a description allowing readers to visualize the changes, or in some cases preservation, of various locations in Yakima since the formation of the city over a century ago.  Locations identified within the book include streets, government, and historic buildings and businesses.  My newest book provides readers with a wonderful way of identifying the location of past and present historical building sites as well as the vibrance of the city so long ago." - Ellen Almendinger!