Never Whistle at Night by Stephen Graham Jones, edited by Shane Hawks and Theodore C. Van Alst Jr.

Review by Lacey Fowler

Never Whistle at Night by bestselling author Stephen Graham Jones, edited by Shane Hawk and Theodore C. Van Alst Jr., is a 26-author anthology of fantastically unsettling and satisfying Indigenous horror stories.

From the list of authors, diversity of the tribes represented, settings, rich folklore and dark horror to the optimistic and sad endings, Never Whistle at Night is an incredible book. It is easily in my top five books of the year and highly recommended.

They cover a wide range of topics and writing styles, all unique perspectives that create crazy imagery in the reader's mind of the shadows and monsters that Never Whistle at Night describes so well.


Never Whistle at Night features stories from Norris Black, Amber Blaeser-Wardzala, Phoenix Boudreau, Cheerie Dimaline, Carson Faust, Kelli Jo Ford, Kate Hart, Shane Hawk, Brandon Hobson, Darcie Little Badger, Conley Lyons, Nick Medina, Tiffany Morris, Tommy Orange, Mona Susan Power, Marcie R. Rendon, Waubgeshig Rice, Rebecca Roanhorse, Andrea L. Rogers, Morgan Talty, D. H. Trujillo, Theodore C. Van Alst Jr., Richard Van Camp, David Heska, Wanbil Weiden, Royce K. Young Wolf and Mathilda Zeller.

This anthology will lure you into the dark and leave you wanting more.