Funny Story by Emily Henry

Review by Bridget Keller

Emily Henry did it again! Another beautiful rom-com book that fills the hopeless romantic in you. The book contains tropes such as fake dating, forced proximity, friends-to-lovers, opposites attract, and so much more. You see character development as well as realistic flaws within each of the characters. Funny Story was definitely one of my most anticipated books of 2024 and let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

Three years ago, Daphne met Peter, they had a wonderful meet-cute, one that involved a flying hat. They eventually got engaged and Daphne followed her fiance to Waning Bay, Michigan. They built a new life where Peter’s life engulfed her own, her interpersonal ties within the city were limited to only Peter’s connections. Things were going fairly smoothly with each other until Peter and his best friend Petra left their current relationships for each other. Since Daphne was in a city where she knew no one and had no support she moved in with Petra’s heartbroken ex, Miles. They lived separate lives but both were wallowing in their pain. Daphne was preparing to move back to her hometown as soon as her major summer library event was over, 108 days. Miles, just living day to day, smoking pot in his room.

Their silent interactions ended the day that a wedding invitation arrived in the mail addressed to Daphne and Miles. Petra and Peter were getting married! Upset, both of them decide to go out and get drunk. In the morning Daphne realized that she had accidentally RSVP’d to the wedding and following a strange phone call, she had claimed that she and Miles were indeed dating. As the book continues, Daphne and Miles form a friendship that eventually grows into true feelings. Daphne also begins to learn that a lot of her life has been following others and she never had her roots planted anywhere. This realization caused momentary self-questioning and she then began wanting to learn more about herself.

This is a book that you can relate to which is difficult, especially in romance genres. All of Daphne’s personal struggles were ones that I have had and I appreciated reading about it. As I read, I fell in love with almost every character that I met. There are many moments where you, as the reader, begin to travel with Daphne and be part of her journey. When I finished this book it continued to play in my head on repeat for a week. I loved this book and I hope you will too.