The Evergreen Collection by Larry Clark and Adriana Janovich

Review by J.T. Menard

The Evergreen Collection: Exceptional Stories from Across Washington State is a collection of stories that have appeared in Washington State Magazine, the official magazine of Washington State University.

Collected and edited by the magazine’s editors, Larry Clark and Adriana Janovich, the stories are arranged geographically and highlight the state’s people, places and products that are uniquely “Washington State.”

We live in an exceptional place. I’ve always been struck by the vast diversity of Washington. As many corners as I have explored, there are many more to go! It’s impressive to realize that the majesty of the Olympic peninsula, the bustle of Puget Sound, the imposing Cascades, and the sweeping valleys and basins of Eastern Washington all exist within the same geographic boundary. Truly, we are blessed with an exceptionally diverse state, one we should be proud to call home.

Different stories in this collection will speak to different people. I personally enjoyed the articles on the development of the Rainier cherry and WA 38, also known as the Cosmic Crisp apple.

Washington State University grads will of course be drawn to stories on the development of Cougar Gold and the infamous State Route 26, which carries thousands of Cougs from across the state into Pullman. Yakima residents can read up on Hanford and Chief Kamiakin. Finally, westsiders will find interest in the many stories located in and around Puget Sound.

There is a story for everyone in the The Evergreen Collection. It is a wonderful assemblage of journalism celebrating our great state and a worthy addition to your own collection.