Randie Gottlieb, author of Yes, I'll Still Love You When You're Bald

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Randie Gottlieb, author of Yes, I'll Still Love You When You're Bald

DR. RANDIE GOTTLIEB is the mother of two grown sons. She is blessed with a wonderful husband and the sweetest granddaughter in the world. She has been chased by street gangs in Morocco, eaten dog soup in Bolivia, played volleyball as a spiker on Team USA, worked as a child actress in Hollywood, founded an elementary school in Puerto Rico, created Montessori math materials with Ngäbe-Bugle Indians in the jungles of Panama, and earned a bachelor’s degree in wood design. 
Dr. Gottlieb has also worked as a classroom teacher, school principal, university professor and diversity trainer; has written over ten books; and holds degrees in education from Cal State, Boston University and Harvard. She currently serves as the founding executive director of the UnityWorks Foundation (www.unityworks.org), a nonprofit educational organization whose mission is to promote the oneness of humanity, the value of diversity and the need for unity.






YES, I'LL STILL LOVE YOU WHEN YOU'RE BALD is Dr. Gottlieb's first book of poetry. A number of the poems have won awards at the Allied Arts (now Yakima Coffeehouse Poets) annual juried competitions. The book includes poems and drawings from our shared human experience that will make you laugh and cry and wonder. You’ll meet messy children, distracted soccer moms, condescending doctors and turbulent teens, while exploring themes of love and loss, teeth whitening, flatulence, hopeless clutter, the perfect recliner, and the annoying habits of other people. You’ll also enjoy the funky punctuation, sarcasm, hyperbole and rhyme—complete with humorous twists, tender moments and surprise endings. Warning: do not upset the author, or you may end up as the subject of her next poem.








Please join us for a reading and signing.

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Saturday, April 8, 2017 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm
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