PNWU Children's Book Release: "I Want to Be a Doctor"

Inklings is pleased to welcome the staff of PNWU, for the releases of their children's book "I Want To Be a Doctor! A Day At Medical School"

"Ever since she was a kid, Jill liked helping others…."

A product of Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences, “I Want to Be a Doctor! A Day At Medical School” invites readers on a journey through a day at medical school with Jill, a young girl from Alaska who dreams of one day becoming a doctor.

Brimming with breathtaking illustrations and packed with entertaining and educational health sciences information, “I Want to be a Doctor!” encourages the next generation of lifelong learners to always follow their dreams, and shows young readers that, no matter where they are from, they, too, can become doctors.

"I Want To Be a Doctor" was produced by a team of staff from PNWU:

Paul Bubluski, Author: Paul Bubluski serves as the primary "storyteller" for Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences. Prior to joining the budding university in 2017, Bubluski worked as an award-winning independent journalist in the Southern New England area. As a member of PNWU's Marketing and Communications team, he has translated his passion for reporting and storytelling into success in higher education, where he works to share the inspiring stories that define the mission-driven PNWU of Health Sciences. 

Adam Dahir, Illustrator: Adam Dahir currently serves as a visual storyteller for Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences. With the practice and knowledge of Graphic Design, Photography, Video, Social Media, Illustration, Animation, and Web, Dahir effectively shares any story presented. He has worked as Marketing Coordinator at Life Pacific College, as well as a freelance graphic designer and photographer for the last five years, hoping to creatively allow individuals, businesses, and companies to flourish with effective and impactful visuals.

Cassidy Mendonca, Illustrator: Cassidy Mendonca currently serves as one of the Marketing Coordinators at Pacific Northwest University, where she focuses primarily on video production, graphic design, social media marketing and photography. Prior to coming to PNWU in 2017, Cassidy worked within the marketing department at Life Pacific College in San Dimas, CA where she gained experience working within the world of higher education marketing. In 2018, Cassidy finished her Masters in Communication with an emphasis in Strategic Communication through Regent University. 

Kandy Caballero, Layout and Typography: With experience in the print production industry, Kandy Caballero joined the Marketing and Communications team at Pacific Northwest University in 2017. Bringing a strategic and thoughtful design process, Kandy has contributed to multiple PNWU projects, including branding, marketing collateral, graphic design and illustration. Most notably she was responsible for the layout and typography in, “I Want to be a Doctor! A day at Medical School”, a children’s book written and illustrated by the marketing team at PNWU. 


Please join us for this special book release! All proceeds from the sale of "I Want to Be a Doctor" benefit PNWU medical student scholarships.

Event date: 
Thursday, August 15, 2019 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm
Event address: 
YAKIMA, WA 98908