Laura Landgraf, author of The Fifth Sister

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Laura Landgraf, author of The Fifth Sister: From Victim to Victor - Overcoming Child Abuse

LAURA LANDGRAF is an author, Huffington Post contributor, activist, speaker, and life coach. Her mission is empowering women and men who survived childhood abuse. In the process, she believes we protect our children. She encourages her audiences to question, reach, journey to self-discovery, believe in themselves and soar. She has worked with the Victim’s Assistance Program in Southern California, led adult support groups for the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and trained college staff psychologists in child abuse patterns, crisis intervention methods and brief therapies for recognition and treatment of date rape, and for young adult sexual abuse survivors.



THE FIFTH SISTER is all about children—Laura’s five 
sisters and her own children. The book spans two continents and three decades. Laura’s father—who impregnated her 
oldest sister—avoided consequences in the United States by moving to Africa. When her children were threatened, Laura went undercover and found her father’s latest victim. Armed with that and her sister’s deposition, she proved a 30 year history of child sexual abuse. Readers who have experienced sexual or physical abuse will find their anguish validated by The Fifth Sister. Those who have not faced this trauma will gain a deep understanding of dysfunctional families with much to hide. Ultimately, however, The Fifth Sister is a story of hope.




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