Deb Gorman, author of Who Are These People?

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Deb Gorman, author of Who Are These People?

Deb Gorman is a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, cleverly disguised as a wife, mom, grandmom, and author. Her purpose is to regift the Word of God to believers and seekers everywhere, using the talent and imagination God gave her. Her prayer is that His Name would be praised and His glory would fill the earth! Deb lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband, Alan, and their German Shepherd, Hoka.





“Who Are These People: Spiritual Lessons Learned in Obscurity” is a collection of creative non-fiction stories about twelve Biblical characters who appear in Scripture, but who we don’t know much about. The Bible does not give us much background about them; some appear in just one or two verses and then never mentioned again. An example is the thief on the cross. I became curious about these people, so I decided to research who they could have been, and to extract the spiritual lessons we can learn from their lives.

“Who Are These People” is written in the devotional style, with study questions at the end of each chapter. Those who are searching for spiritual significance, those who have experienced life losses, and those who believe they are too flawed and mistake-ridden to be forgiven and of any use to God will benefit from reading this book—because really, that is all of us. Book clubs, reading groups, and church groups may find it useful to study together.







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Saturday, March 4, 2017 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm
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