Betsy Bloomfield, author of The Armadillo Does Not Make a Good Pillow

Inklings Bookshop is proud to welcome Betsy Bloomfield, author of The Armadillo Does Not Make a Good Pillow, for a reading and signing!
Elizabeth (Betsy) Bloomfield was born in Seattle, Washington and raised on the shore of Lake Washington where she first held wild ducklings, swam with frogs and turtles, and listened to the musical castanets of swallows’ beaks as they skimmed the surface of the lake snapping up evening insects. Betsy and her brothers and sister grew up in a household surrounded by chemistry sets and polliwog ponds, telescopes and gerbils, dogs and cats, art, music, lively discussion and books. Lots of books. It is possible that all lifelong readers vow to write at some point in their lives, and Betsy was no exception. Following her undergraduate degree in Physical Anthropology from the University of Washington, and Master of Science degree in Natural Resource Management from Central Washington University, she made her love of nature operational by working for local, state and national conservation science organizations over the course of her career. This meant that her writing was always academic, technical or professional, instead of prose or poetry. Until now. Betsy returned to her love of drawing and painting in recent years, and discovered that her art work is a retelling of her life as a little girl in love with bugs, fossils and stories about animals, and as a young woman deeply curious about how the universe works.

Her art work is also giving a narrative voice to her current life as a seasoned human still in love with bugs and fossils, ducklings and gerbils, and how the hand of humanity stirs nature. This book was born from her art piece titled “26”, a series of miniature paintings making up an animal alphabet. The story of the Armadillo sprang into life as all the animals living together in this imaginary alphabet world debated the merits of using the Armadillo as a pillow. She hopes that there are children who love animals, and stories about animals, who will write their own stories in the pages of this book.
Betsy lives in Yakima, Washington with her husband, two dogs, one cat and eight goldfish. (No gerbils or ducklings as of this writing.)


Please join us for a reading and signing with Betsy!

Event date: 
Saturday, October 26, 2019 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm
Event address: 
5629 Summitview Ave
Yakima, WA 98908