Eco-Finger Paint

paintLooking for a fun spring activity? Come check out our new Eco-Finger Paint! Exploratory tactile finger paint made with all natural and organic fruit, plant and vegetable extracts, this lead free, non-toxic, gluten-free paint is safe for all ages! I don't believe it's even possible to find a MORE organic finger paint. 

I took this paint home to try it out with my kids. Bella, age 6, and Eliza, age 4, loved it! It was fun to open the box and see the five little packages in there, ready to mix. We opened each one and put a tablespoon or so of the dry mix into a glass bowl. The powder was all the same color, but when we added the water, lo! The color appeared! 

We used some of paint with paintbrushes, and some with our fingers. It didn't take long to dry, and it cleaned up MAGNIFICENTLY. I even let my 6 year old play with it without my supervision. We have played with it three times, and used it to make 60 footprints for a friend's baby thank-you's, and there is still a lot left to play with. Worth the $19.99.