A Day of Fallen Night by Samantha Shannon

Review by Jules Galgan

I know they say not to judge books by their covers, but after one look at Samantha Shannon’s A Day of Fallen Night, I felt certain that a book that beautiful had to be filled with something great. I have never been more right. A Day of Fallen Night is one of the most epic fantasy novels of our time and has easily joined the ranks of my all time favorite books. It is a saga saturated with adventure, romance, and intrigue that makes the pages fly by.

The story takes place hundreds of years before Shannon’s other novel, the infamous Priory of the Orange Tree. As far as reading order goes, these two can be read as stand alone novels or the reader can view Priory of the Orange Tree as the main novel and read A Day of Fallen Night as a prequel. I personally feel that reading A Day of Fallen Night allows the reader to get a handle on the intricate world-building and makes Priory of the Orange Tree an even more enriching experience. Both books are rich and vibrant with a full cast of characters and exceptional pacing.

A Day of Fallen Night follows a cast of diverse women - Tunuva, Glorian, and Dumai as they face the sudden and horrifying threat of war and destruction by the wyrms that threaten their world. Each must embark on their own quest to aid the realm. This sprawling novel is impossible to put down. Many may be daunted by the length of the book, but the story is so full of epic battle scenes, love, loss, and growth that I think you’ll find that you simply can’t put it down once you’ve started. Every part of the book keeps you wanting more as the plot is woven with such artistry that you can’t help but be enchanted by every chapter. Despite its size, I flew through this book in just a couple of days and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.