Champion of Fate by Kendare Blake

Review by Elisabeth Martin Rogers

Kendare Blake’s stories always have exhilarating concepts. You may have heard of her other novels; Anna Dressed in Blood and the Three Dark Crowns series. I thoroughly enjoyed them so when I saw this new release I was so excited for what she came up with this time! Champion of Fate kicks off the Heromaker series with the story of Reed, a tall lanky girl who stumbles into the lives of two immortal Aristene warriors of The Order. Reed learns quickly what The Order is fated to do, but the question is…can she fulfill her destiny? Will she follow the path fated to her? Blake tells a fast paced story that keeps you on your toes. There are characters you will adore, and others you will be thoroughly annoyed with but are endearing nonetheless.

You get some light world building in this first novel, but I expect to uncover more of the world as the story progresses. This novel is great for those wanting to step into the epic world of fantasy. It is not too complex right off the bat which I have found to be daunting in some fantasy novels. Champion of Fate is easily digestible and the story is simply fun. There is war and sacrifice, magic and legend…a tough girl and her stubborn horse. If you grew up a horse lover, you will appreciate this book all the more because Aristene warriors have with them a horse gifted with immortality. These horses are intelligent and fight tooth and hooves with their Aristene to bring glory to those who are fated!

The way Blake ends the novel made me blow air through my nose and shake my head smiling because she left just enough unsaid to make me suspicious about what is to come next. There are clearly so many things she can do with the book so I really just cannot wait to get my hands on the next one, and I am sure you will feel the same way too! She ties up enough to make you think that everything can be okay…for now. But there are small details that beg to differ, so who knows! Read the next book with me to find out!