A Flight of Fancy (Paperback)

A Flight of Fancy By Melanie K. Moschella Cover Image
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Meera is ready to fight. She's ready to stand up for humans everywhere and end the war. But a single moment could turn all of her plans to ash ...

After fleeing an attack by the Queen's Council, Meera's safety and-more importantly-her relationship with Kennick are both up in the air. Kennick goes back to treating her like the night of the ball never happened, forcing Meera to decide what she wants and whether she's brave enough to ask for it.

Meanwhile, the knell queen reveals herself as an ally-maybe even a friend. But Meera is still far from safe: she will have to battle a fearsome opponent in single combat, attend a potentially deadly dinner party, and face a hard truth if she is going to accomplish her goals.

In an effort to negotiate for peace, Meera will travel with the queen and find herself back in her homeland. There, she will be confronted by people and places from her past-and an instant of fire and loss may just make her give up the fight.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798989198665
Publisher: Melanie K. Moschella
Publication Date: March 19th, 2024
Pages: 326
Language: English