Legend of Ahya: Target of Interest (Paperback)

Legend of Ahya: Target of Interest Cover Image
By Matthew Colvath, Rowena Milwain (Cover Design by), Chris Villarin (Illustrator)
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Estranged from her family and living alone in the middle of nowhere, she has escaped those who have pursued her for reasons unknown. Alienated and shunned by people, she has had to lead the life of a vagrant, scrounging for scraps just to survive - all because of a tail she was born with. Taylor Renee Wolford is unique in all the world, for she was the only person born with a tailmaw. A tail with a mouth gaping with jagged teeth and a cavernous depth that could swallow a fellow mammal whole.

Now the dark forces she has fought so hard to hide away from have closed in on her position. Taylor will have to make a decision that will affect her future as those in power fight over her. Each faction wants Taylor for different reasons, but all agree that she is unique and holds a power that could change the fate of their world and mean potential victory in a looming war that is swiftly approaching.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781954751019
ISBN-10: 195475101X
Publisher: Darkflamewolf Media, LLC.
Publication Date: July 8th, 2021
Pages: 494
Language: English