The Explorer and the Journalist: The Extraordinary Story of Frederick Cook and Philip Gibbs (Hardcover)

The Explorer and the Journalist: The Extraordinary Story of Frederick Cook and Philip Gibbs By Richard Evans Cover Image
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The first book to explore in full the extraordinary story of how a British journalist risked his career to expose American explorer Frederick Cook, who claimed to be the first person to reach the North Pole, as a fraud

On 1 September 1909, a telegram from American explorer Frederick Cook caused perhaps the biggest sensation in polar exploration history. With no word from Cook for over a year and many assuming he was dead, here came the news that not only had he survived his Arctic expedition, but he had claimed one of the great prizes in exploration by becoming the first person to reach the North Pole.

Cook was instantly transformed into one of the heroes of the age. And with his boat due to arrive in Copenhagen a few days later, the world’s journalists scrambled to get there in time to meet him. One of those journalists was Philip Gibbs, a young reporter for the Daily Chronicle in London, who had a chance encounter in a Copenhagen café that led to him getting an exclusive interview with Cook before he reached land. But Gibbs left the interview doubting Cook’s story, and so in his subsequent article he decided to gamble both his career and his reputation by making it clear he thought Cook might be lying.

Gibbs’s article made him the most unpopular man in Copenhagen, and marked the start of a frantic six days during which Copenhagen showered Cook with accolades while Gibbs tried to prove his claim was untrue. The Explorer and the Journalist is the story of the explorer who was determined to prove he really had reached the Pole, and the journalist who was convinced he was a fraud. It was a confrontation from which only one of them would emerge with his reputation intact…

About the Author

Richard Evans is a former journalist, having written for The Times, the Guardian, the BBC, among others. He is the author of From the Frontline: The Extraordinary Life of Sir Basil Clarke (THP, 2013)

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ISBN: 9781803991931
ISBN-10: 1803991933
Publisher: The History Press
Publication Date: November 14th, 2023
Pages: 224
Language: English