Truck Stop Tempest (Paperback)

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My stay in Whisper Springs was supposed to be temporary. A slight detour on my flight to freedom.
Then Tito Moretti stormed into town.
He was everything I wished I could be. Everything I'd been taught to fear.
Confident. Fearsome. Untouchable.

I wasn't supposed to make friends. I never meant to fall in love.
When Tito learned the truth, would he break me,
Or help me break free?


Tuuli Holt was off limits
Young. Na ve. Pure.
I had no right wanting the blue-eyed bunny.
But damn, that little beast stormed into my life, and scattered my demons.

She had her share of secrets, but they were nothing compared to my sins.
Tuuli said my past didn't matter.
I wanted to believe her, but when my crimes were exposed, would she bolt?

I should've stayed away, set her free.
We could never work.
Church girls didn't fall in love with executioners.

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ISBN: 9781733615914
ISBN-10: 1733615911
Publisher: Kiss Me Dizzy Books
Publication Date: April 1st, 2019
Pages: 342
Language: English