Kiah's Soul-Shifting Journey: War's Redemption (Paperback)

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As we prepare for the final battle with the Northern Quadrant, the New Freedom Force and I grow stronger. As I shift to a time before the Great Nuclear War, I learn that the United States of America, now known as the four quadrants, sealed their own fate with their lies and deceptions. In order to stop another nuclear attack-and to redeem this once great nation, Ryker and I lead our team to find the secret, which World Governments put into place. Will we find the secret before Overseer Daniels destroys what is left of our world? We will fight till our last dying breath.

About the Author

Ann Denton lives in a small community in Oklahoma where her four grandchildren are the center of her attention. Ann has shared her imagination with them since they were babies. She has spent hours of playtime with her grandsons playing everything from "pirate ship" to dressing up as aluminum foil robots. With her granddaughter, she has had countless magical tea parties and played "princess dress up." Ann has written poetry for years, but most recently, she collaborated with her fifteen-year-old grandson to write her very first young adult series . . . Kiah's Soul-Shifting Journey. In January of 2013, her debut novel, The Quadrant War, book (1) was published. The Tech War, book (2) was released in September of 2013, and War's Redemption, book (3) of the trilogy was released in June of 2014. Ann's favorite genre is young adult-both to read and write; however, she also enjoys reading other genres. Ann does most of her writing late at night when her characters take on a life of their own and keep her awake

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ISBN: 9781500594985
ISBN-10: 1500594989
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: December 4th, 2014
Pages: 296
Language: English