Bloodmarked by Tracy Deonn

Review by Lisette Pietsch

In the midst of writing essays, reading required texts, and working, I don’t often have extra time
to spend reading for fun. When I first picked up Legendborn, (the first book in this series) I was
hoping to find the escape I needed. So far this series has been my favorite to be swept away in
and has been a great distraction when I needed a break from thinking about tests.

Tracy Deonn takes the old tales of King Arthur and the knights of the round table and brings
them to modern times. In this sequel to the enthralling Legenedborn, Bree struggles with the
opposing magic inside her and accepting a destiny she didn’t want or ask for. But Bree has
decided the time for running is over and she is finally ready to fight. Our main character
struggles with past trauma while trying to stop a war. She grapples with figuring out how the
trauma done to her ancestors defines her. Bree is also still dealing with her mother's death and
the loss of some friends from the first book. With many people telling her she wasn’t meant for
this greatness, will she give in to the doubts and fears or keep fighting for a better world?
“What truly ties us together is not blood but pain. When we love someone and lose them, that
loss imprints itself on everyone else we love too.” - Tracy Deonn
Deonn does a masterful job of having her characters grapple with grief. Grief is a central theme
in this book, and the author uses her writing to show how grief affects not only the individual but
also everyone around them.
This series has mature themes such as trauma and violence. I would recommend this for
readers 14 and up who love a well-told fantasy story.