Birds, and books

The Laws Guide to Drawing BirdsI was so happy to receive The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds, by John Muir Laws (Audubon/Heyday, $24.95) from my boss, Susan. I can't wait to try it out, I just LOVE birds. I recently drew/designed the new logo for the local Audubon chapter here in Yakima, the Yakima Valley YVAS logoAudubon Society (YVAS for short), and it took me FOREVER to draw that little Calliope Hummingbird. I watched a few youtube tutorials, which kind of helped, but I'm not that kind of learner. I need a book in front of me, with written instructions and examples. I'm new-ish to the world of birding, and so a lot of the birds I see are a mystery to me. I've always wished I could draw them well so that when I go home and study my Sibleys Western Guide to Birds, my sketch can help me figure out exactly what bird I saw. My field drawings up to this point are pretty pathetic. Practice makes perfect, so I'm going to start.


If anyone is interested in learning more about birds, YVAS has bird walks every Thursday, at the Greenway path in Union Gap, the Helen Jewett/Poppoff trail. It's a great walk, early enough so it's not too hot and the birds are all singing. Here's a link to their Facebook event page.