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Ardith Carratt and Stephen E. Murphy

inklings is pleased to present Ardith Carratt, author of The Pendant, and Stephen E. Murphy, author of On the Edge: An Odyssey

Ardith Carratt lives with her husband in Grandview, Washington and has three grandchildren.  She was an elementary school library teacher for fifteen years, where many students asked her for chapter books that were funny.  That prompted her to write four chapter books, Secret Messages, Mr. Leashman, The Castle of Imagination, and The Drooly Mobile. 

Her writing career continued when she was asked by Margaret Keys Hoech, a Yakima pioneer and humorist, to write books about her.  The books are The Hat Lady and From Glucks to Knaacks.

When Ardith Carratt was in Cascade Locks, Oregon at The Gemstone and Mineral Show, a jewelry designer made an unusual request, which inspired Carratt to write her latest book, The Pendant.               


 Why would a jewelry designer create and sell pendants, each with the same kind of gemstone?  Why would customers continue to purchase them, even when they previously had purchased one from her?  An inventive jewelry designer creates a web of mystery which draws strangers together, only to find out that they are not strangers at all.  The historical fiction takes place in Cascade Locks, Oregon at the Gemstone and Mineral Show.  Included are true regional stories and humor for all ages as well as historical photographs.





Stephen E. Murphy was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, attending UW before heading to Harvard and out in the world. He has been actively engaged in Brazil, Latin America and kids at risk for 40+ years. He has held executive positions with Paramount Pictures, BankBoston, Peace Corps and the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington D.C.

He served during the G.W. Bush Administration as Regional Director, Latin America, the Peace Corps, supervising 2,200 volunteers and 1,000 staff in 23 countries. In the previous George H.W. Bush Administration, he was appointed Director, Worldnet Television, and expanded coverage to East European and Latin American TV stations.  He serves on Partners of the Americas Foundation Board, having started the Pixote Literacy Fund. He mentors at the UW, Seattle U and AIESEC. He works as Senior Advisor, Latin America, Pacific Northwest Advisors LLC.        


 On the Edge: An Odyssey is a reflective look at Murphy's life, the decisions he made and why, as he sought his calling on paths less traveled. He left the security of Seattle’s UW to Harvard Business School where he “crashed and burned” but “resurrected by an anonymous priest.” Making tough decisions afterwards, he joined the US Navy as gunnery officer offshore Vietnam.  The author outlines hopes and dreams, and why he chose courses of action, despite head winds at the time. Achieving his M.B.A. at Columbia University, he recounts experiences ‘on the edge’ in Mexico, Jamaica, ending up in Brazil. While working for an international bank, he describes life in Rio’s hills and a stark encounter with a street kid, changing his direction in life.  Murphy peppers his chapters with "turning points" and stirring adventures. His story is both a walk down memory lane for boomers, and an instructive tale for young professionals.


Please join us for a signing with Ardith and Stephen!

Event date: 
Saturday, May 27, 2017 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm
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5629 Summitview Ave
Yakima, WA 98908